Saturday, August 30, 2008

Work and Energy

Hey there,
Since you should be enjoying your last days of holiday ( I'm enjoying them anyway), I'll just be adding a short post today. It's about work and energy. Maybe better: Work or Energy.

All objects contain energy. This energy makes them capable to perform "work". So, for energy, we use the same unit as for work: the joule. The energy in an object can be divided in 2 categories:
  • Potential energy: The energie an object contains because it's located in a gravitational field.
  • Kinetic energy: the energy an object contains because it has a certain speed
  • (All matter also contains energy. Because trough out the entire universe, matter and energy can be converted, and the total stays constant, according to Einsteins formula: E=mc²)
The total of these tree energy types in an object always stays constant. And because in the early exercises, we won't be using the mass-energy, we can say that the 'total energy', consisting of kinetic and potential energy, remains constant. More about this later.

Oké, this was just an 'Intermezzo'. Next topics will be about potential and kinetic energy.

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